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We'll give you a price that positions your property to get leased out in ONE WEEK!

Getting an accurate and competitive price for your property is vital to finding a tenant quickly, before mortgage payments stack up.

This can be done remotely or in-person for more accuracy! The sooner you hit the red button to reach out, the sooner you'll be able to enjoy the hands-off, feet-up landlord experience.

What you'll get in your estimate

  • An assessment of what advertised rent could get your property leased in ONE WEEK.
  • This will help you avoid weeks and months of missed rent and unnecessary stress.
  • A fair and realistic assessment completed in 1-2 business days
  • Initial estimate able to be done REMOTELY without inspecting property
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How it works

It's time to start your hands-off, feet-up landlord experience.

Take advantage of the vital first week on the internet by hitting the market with the right price.  

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It's time to start your hands-off, feet-up landlord experience

In order for you to build wealth and financial wellbeing, you need to maximise the cashflow of your investment property.

To do this you want the highest possible rent whilst leasing your property as quickly as possible.

Most property managers start your campaign with a rent that is too high.

This hurts you as it takes longer to lease the property, and you end up settling for a lower rent anyway.

There is no week more crucial than the first week on the internet. As such, our estimate gives you the best possible price from week one.

You'll end up with less stress, a faster result, and more disposable time to spend with loved ones, holidaying, acquiring your next investment, or whatever it is you do best...